Nationwide delivery charges will be Rs 99/- only.
Nationwide delivery charges will be Rs 99/- only.

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A group of young, dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs experienced in textiles, gathered and founded Kumash textiles in 2017. Since then, Kumash is growing its varieties and winning its customers trust with every passing day. Kumash has now became a well-known brand and is gaining popularity through its satisfied customers’ success stories.

We believe that every person deserves to explore the beauty in their attire in a way that is unique and exclusive and thus we help people find clothes that are best suited for them. We specialize in premium quality cotton-stretch and blended high-density fabrics woven with fine yarn counts, yet at affordable prices.

To ensure premium-grade quality and inch perfect designs we make use of standardize industrial machinery complying with latest technologies, highly skilled workforce and finest materials available to accomplish our goal of exceptional customer service.

Our finely crafted embroideries and a blend of creative and classical deigns is what that always keeps us one step ahead from the others. At Kumash we not only sell clothes, we build customer experiences, experiences that lead to pleasant memories and never-ending trust.